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Product - E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
Battery Charger 48V-15Amp 

E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
Rating - 48 Volts
10 / 15 Ampere charging current


ACE E-Rickshaw Battery Charger has been designed to continuously charge Lead – Acid batteries with Constant Voltage and Constant Current. It is a multi stage battery charger with full microcontroller based control algorithm.

 Features of ACE E-Rickshaw Battery Charger

Full protection is provided against all conceivable errors like – Battery Reverse Connection, Transformer Overheating, Battery Drain, Battery Over-charge, Short-Circuit and Overload etc.

The battery charger will automatically protect and stop charging if there is any fault condition.

Battery Charge condition is displayed using a LED bar graph. All error conditions are displayed by LED’s.


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