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Product - Voltage Stabilizer PCB's

Kits available for Stabilizers rating 500VA to 8 KVA, and voltage range
from 90-280 to 175-265, in 1 Step,
3 Steps and 5 Step configurations.


ACE Stabilizer kits are bases on PIC Microcontroller.  They provide regulated output  voltage to the connected load. The kits consist of a control PCB with 3digit seven segment display, and a relay PCB.

 Features of ACE Voltage Stabilizer Kits

*  Regulated output voltage to ensure voltage in the range 200 – 245 VAC.

*  Relay switching at zero crossing to ensure smooth operation.

*  Seven Segment display for Input / Output Voltage, Time Delay, Hi / Low cut etc.

*  Mains over and under voltage cut off.

*  Digital high voltage protection to the connected load.

*  Intelligent Output Time Delay for protection of load connected.

*  Minimum wiring required, with PCB mounted relays.


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